And…. so

It has been awhile since my last post on using shoe and purse dust bags for travel packing. While I do do this, and it’s super fantastic, I have been uninspired to write about travel or travel packing or even fashion of late.

And so, I am going rouge people!!!! I’m going to write about regular life today. Yawn, right? Well, most of our lives are regular in between fabulous vacations and weekend getaways. How do you spend your normal everyday life??

I used to spend mine happily planning my next adventure in my spare time. This gave me something to dream of and research and get excited for. Life was just something that happened inbetween trips. No more. And it’s been an eye opening situation.

I have a dog. Not just any dog, although all dogs are fantastic!😁 My dog is my child. My best friend. He saved me. I love Charley so much, I feel my heart will burst. I know so many of you feel this way about your special and unique fur baby.

I got my boo Charley almost 13 years ago during my first marriage. I had gone through years of intensive fertility treatment, had several miscarriages, then had (what my Dr and finally I believed to be) a good healthy pregnancy!!!! A miracle!!! I was closely monitored due to high risk. My numbers were great and going up. I felt healthy with the exception of excessive sleepiness. It took me a few months, then slowly I let my fears and anxiety fade away, allowed my joy and excitement wash over me, and began nesting. It was finally happening! Everything was beautiful and perfect with the world. I was going to be a mom!!!

And then “it” happened. The worst day of my life. The day that changed the trajectory of my entire life actually. It was a chilly morning. I woke very early because it was the day of the ultrasound. This was not my first, this was a scheduled follow up ultrasound after baby was too small or could not be located in the first. We were assured this time, for sure baby would be visabe. My stomach was cramping on one side (as it had been for a few days) and I was afraid again. Something felt off. As the appointment time grew near, I put on my cute new (not really needed yet) maternity top and pushed my worries away as best I could. Happy day Kim… happy day. Your just paranoid. Rubbed my belly, sang to baby as I got ready.  We were joyfully led to ultrasound room,quick change into gown, up to bed I went. I COULD NOT WAIT to see my baby!!!!! Nice chitter chatter with the technician, goo on, machine all set. Round and round she went, pushing, tilting, working that thing to find the itty bitty peanut inside of me.  Things got quiet. I glanced from the screen to her face. Trained no emotions showing but I saw the one thing that made my stomach drop… a slight downturn of one of her brows. No one spoke. Finally silence was broke,she smiled reassuringly and said “hold on here for just a sec, let’s try something else”. She left the room. Neither my ex or I said ONE word. Just sat in total silence. I still have no idea what he was thinking, but I was praying.  Hard.  Door opened.  Doctor walked in.  Technician behind him. Full room now.  Doctor mouth moving, ex husband mouth moving, I was hearing nothing. Just a buzzing sound. Technician took my hand gently in hers. Dr said words to me about a wand to try another way… I followed instructions. Turned my eyes back to monitor. Internal ultrasound began and seemed to never end.  My God,a room had never been so excruciatingly quiet!!!! At some unknown point my ex husbands hand had replaced the technicians in my cold hand. He squeezed slightly, I glanced up at him and I knew. Tears silently fell down my face. My pale, defeated face. No sounds. Just the deepest pain pouring out of my eyes. My baby was ectopic. In my fallopian tube. Alive yes. But in the wrong place. I was sent to the hospital for immediate surgery. I wanted to run away and pray for a miracle. Please God, move the baby to my uterus????🙏🏻 That was medically impossible. If I did not have the surgery both my baby and I would die.

After procrastination at my home pretending to pack for hospital, then making ex drive the long way and slow, I checked in for my surgery…. late. Both top notch surgeons were waiting for me. I begged them to move the baby and entire tube to my uterus…. not possible.  Begged to be a million percent sure. They were beyond kind. Did another last minute ultrasound. Did the hole above my belly button with tiny camera before commencing with a long and complicated heartbreaking procedure.  They had to work very hard to preserve my fallopian tube because my other one was not functional (part of my fertility issue). I also had to undergo a form of chemotherapy  after I was released from the hospital (Because they did not remove tube, cells were continuing to grow post surgery). It was impossibly devastating.

I woke in recovery feeling overwhelmed by an emptiness. I knew deep down I was done.  I would never try again.  The loss was just too much for me as a person. If it happened naturally, ok. But I was done creating life, only to mourn death. It was wrong and I just could not. I kept this to myself. My ex husband desperately wanted biological children. Unfair of me to admit to him, and procrastinate instead??? Absolutely. 💔  I was too afraid, lost, broken, and cowardly.

Approximately two months after the worst day of my life (up until that time of my life), I was still maternal and nesting and pretty much a mom who needed a baby.  He talked me into going to dinner. After dinner we walked around a mall. Walked into a pet store…. and there he was!!!!! In a cage bigger than the rest, with a big %50 off sign???!!!😢 A chocolate lab baby. We made eye contact and my heart skipped a beat. That lone, older than the other “full priced” puppy WAS leaving that cage with me right there and then. I was not leaving without him. Period. Guess who became my son? That’s right…. Charley❤️

He saved me. As I mentioned. Truly saved me. He was the light of my life and still is.

And that is where I am. My baby Charley is old. He has health issues. He is needy.  And I cannot leave him. That puppy is a beautiful senior dog now.  And he needs us.

I am happily remarried to the most wonderful man on the planet. He is my best friend and my soulmate. And he is the most loving caring daddy to Charley!!!!❤️  I have two incredible step children that I love with all my heart. We ALL dote on our grandpa pup Charley.  He is the center of our family.

About a year and a half ago, Dave and I came to the conclusion that we can no longer leave Charley to vacation.  One of us MUST be home…. period.  Everything is very different now. Pain management, what when and how he eats, meds, etc. These are his golden years, and he can be quite the cranky old man! Lol. But just as loving and sweet as ever. Mentally all there👍🏻

And so…… planning trips in between trips??? Not happening.  Do I resent this? NO WAY!!! Our sweet boo baby comes first. If something were to happen to my boy while away??? I cannot even imagine.

But this has brought about a realization.  I was not really living much in my ordinary everyday life.  It was just time in between each new travel adventure.

I wish I could conclude by proclaiming I have figured out a cool new way to live my everyday life? This is something I am still working on. I plan on continuous soul searching until I figure it out. 😃   Hey, I have a great life and am very blessed. My everyday life does NOT suck by a long shot. I just feel that living life between travel should not be “living life between travel”? Do you feel me?

Peace and Love



Kims quick tip

Dust bags.  How many do you have, just sitting somewhere “collecting dust”?  Well, if you are like me and do not use them for their original purpose (to cover your bags and shoes), I have a few great alternative uses!!!!!😃

My favorite re purpose is for packing. I pack my swimsuits and coverup in one.  Undergarments in another. Tennis shoes and flip flops another. Throw curling iron and hair products (sealed in ziplock bags in yet another. You see the theme😉  It is great because upon arrival to hotel/ship/ resort, I simply put entire dust bags into dresser drawers, leaving tons of closet space. Now, packing to return home, all dirty laundries go in dust bags and get tossed in my laundry room once I am home!👍🏻 Bonus: if airport security does a bag search, no dirty panties or bras will flop out🙀!!!!!

Another great use is for storage of hair accessories. Brushes, pins, hair bands, even extensions if you have them. Pop in bathroom drawer or hang up next to your bathroom mirror.  LV ones look cute😻.  And here’s a great one ladies…. Store your feminine products in one and pop in bathroom drawer!!!! Bam!

I even use a small Kate Spade duster in my carry on.  I keep my long flight refreshers, travel minis, even slippers in it. Slip off to lavatory to get ready for sleep, or in preparation for landing. No need to dig through your entire carry on, just grab dust bag and head on up or down to the lav 👍🏻.

In closing, don’t let your dust bags go to waste my friends!!! Try these tips or use your imagination and find great uses for these great drawstring wonders!!!!

Until next time!😃 Kim.

Kimsthings on #Poshmark

Kims opinions of cruise lines

I would like to write a quick page that might help when choosing a cruise line.

I have cruised every line except Disney and Celebrity. Here are my thoughts on the lines I have cruised.

  1. Costa.  Don’t do it.
  2. Carnival.  The complete opposite of relaxation.  Bright colors everywhere. Loud. Pretty much party time 24/7. It is great for young people looking to let off steam and party!!! It’s prices are very low. Extremely affordable way to have an all inclusive vacation.  But be aware of the nickel and dime situation. Your bill that gets slid under your door or put in your little mail slot can build up quick!😱 I will never cruise Carnival again, but that is simply a matter of my personal taste. I did have a load of fun on the 3 journeys I had with Carnival.  There is a LOT to do on board!!!! The food is plentiful, and the midnight buffets are festive and fun to dive in and gain a pound or two. Ha!!! Yes, most people gain weight on cruises. I avoid this curse by using stairs instead of elevators no matter what. The staff is friendly and full of energy. Best towel animals at sea. In closing on Carnival: young people looking to party, budget conscious people, large groups, high energy, families with teens and small children (again, great on budget and great teen and kids clubs) and those that enjoy hustle and bustle and noise and loud music and need something to do at all times🎉
  3. Royal Caribbean. MEGA ships!!!! And I mean HUGE!!! This is the cruise you take if staying on ship the entire time is what you prefer. Ports of call too difficult to navigate with the mass amount of people and the short amount of hours in port. You WILL get lost on these floating cities. Many times😳 The cabins are very small. Service is way better than I expected with such a gigantic amount of people to take care of. Food is decent.  Again, watch the nickel and diming.  So so many things are extra. When choosing a cabin, I recommend you go way forward or aft ship to avoid overhead noise when trying to sleep. Great cruise for very active people, families and those needing constant stimulation.
  4. Princess.  The original “Love Boat”❤️   Much changed over the years. Thank Goodness. Clean crisp white ships without a bunch of bright colors and noise.  Large ships, but easier to navigate and less “partying” going on. Very professional staff. Cabins are a bit larger and tasteful.  The food is spectacular!!!!! Entertainment is so-so. More time to get off ship for island exploring and excursions.  Excursions are very well organized and plentiful in options.  Great middle ground if traveling with those that want to relax and those that want to play.
  5. NCL.  I have cruised on NCL more times than any other line. Infact, at one point I thought I was just continue to cruise this line exclusively.  Mid sized and large ships. Cabins are larger and very comfortable.  Easy to navigate.  Great itineraries.  Amazing food, especially with their free style dining.  Upgraded flat fee specialty restaurants are SO worth it. ($10pp-$50pp).  On a seven nt cruise, try to choose two nights for these specialty restaurants.  I love the steakhouse and the Italian ones😍 Very well organized shore times. Easy off and back on. Not much nickel and dime expenses.  Best to look for sales that cover your gratuities.  They upgrade your status every time you sail with them, and you get exclusive deals and percentages off on board purchases. Great loyalty program.  Ships are well laid out. Great mix of guests. Quiet areas and fun zones. Fabulous spa!!!!!
  6. Holland American.❤️ My new favorite and will cruise no other line.  Beautiful mid sized ships. Tasteful wood and neutrals throughout.  Super easy to find your way around. Top notch service!!!!! Huge cabins. Food to die for. Longer and better ports of call (mid sized ships can get in to more nooks and crannies).  Best spas at sea period.  Very diverse and interesting entertainment.  Quiet deck areas are perfect! You can read, stare out to sea, whatever… And only sound you hear is the water and occasional bird. No nickel and diming.  You pay a tad more to start, but that pesky daily bill is a beautiful sight.  Slightly older crowd (especially to Alaska).  We are in our 40’s and I think besides someone’s grandchild here and there, we were the youngest people on that cruise!!!!! I loved it!😃

So, there you have it. My basic advice on the different cruise lines that I have personally experienced.  Happy sailing!🛳

Cruise packing⛴

Many friends and associates are planning spring and summer cruises. The sea excitement is in the salty air!!!!🌞🛳

Lets chat briefly about packing for a cruise.  It does not have to be as overwhelming as you might think.  If you have cruised before, you most likely returned home with over half of your packed clothes untouched? Yes? Been there!

The majority of cruises are Caribbean (warm weather). If you are planning or have already booked one of these, keep in mind a few simple packing tips.

1. A 7 night or less cruise, you only need one checked bag and one carry on

2. Start by pulling everything you think you want to bring and lay on either your guest bedroom bed or your bed. Once you have pulled everything (including jewelry, hats, undergarments, etc) start dividing into category piles. Step back….take a nice long look at your piles.  Ouch, huh? 😳

3. Clear a space and open your large (checked) bag. Uh oh. I KNOW you KNOW this will NOT all fit.

4. Start with packing your MUST have items.  Your favorite shorts and casual pants that go with everything.  Get your undergarments and swimsuits in bag. Your favorite coverup. Cruising is very casual these days. You honestly do not need all of those semi formal outfits. Put them aside. Continue with your must have items. You need flip flops!!! Flat sandals!! The comfortable ones!!!😬 Walking all day everyday on ships my friends. T shirts. Tanks. Shorts. Maxi skirt or two. Stop. Step back.  Now, you will most likely have at least one formal night. This is super fun to get dressed to the nines! I have noticed a decline in how formal people dress on these nights, but I LOVE participating for one of the formal nights. It really is fun, and you get some great pictures!!! So, pack that gown and sky high heels!!!! Bam! Add your jewelry! Bam!

5. After these items are in your large bag, the rest is space optional.  Seriously.  Extra pjs, a cute casual dress, another sarong or coverup…

6. Lightly pack your carry on bag with your cosmetics, sunscreen, sunglasses, book, meds, etc.  Personally I pack one swimsuit and my sarong in my carry on. Just in case😱

You are done!!!! Put everything else away. You are ready and light as a feather!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻But please, please!!!! Do not forget your passport!!!!! You will be sailing right back home without that 😰💔

I invite you to my next post. I will be talking about different cruise lines, how to select a cabin, shore excursions, ways to save, dining, and much more.  I have cruised pretty much every line, and have pros and cons.  It is all about what you are looking for from your cruising experience.

Happy cruising!!! Don’t drink and hang out near the balcony 🍸😱

Back to travel!!!

Just call me the lazy blogger, sound good?

Yep!!! Life got ahold of me and kept me in a choke hold for a bit. After that, I got lazy. Then even more lazy. Ah… It is what it is.  I would like to re visit travel packing before moving on to travel itself.

As a former flight attendant, I was forced to create a system and pack so light it’s not even funny! Guess what? I survived!!!! Now, I do not recommend anyone to vacation with one small bag with uniforms and undergarments 😱   Ok, I figured out a way to slip in sleeping clothes and one outfit! Yay!!! But it IS very freeing to travel with less.  And you would be surprised by how much you really just do not need.

How many vacations have you unpacked from once home, and over half your clothes and accessories are clean and went untouched???? I’m guessing a nice big pile?

I will go into specifics on how to lighten your travel load in a later posting. For now, let’s just imagine a trip/vacation with one…yes one… Bag???? Ahhhhh….. I bet you are either in a panic of “NO WAY!”, or thinking “YES!!! Sick of the chaos of stuff being hauled, dragging, draping, stuffing, around!”

Trust me.  Packing and unpacking should not be an added stress to your well deserved leisure travel😃  If you read my first entry, perhaps you have created your travel section in your closet? Or even cleared out a separate closet to dedicate to only travel and vacation items? If so, you are well on your way🌴😎

Ending this entry with a promise to post more often.

More importantly, asking all to pray for Belgium. Stand united against the evil that is terrorism.

Peace and love

kim ✌🏻️

Pieces to think about!

Trying to fall asleep.  Am I counting sheep? No I am not. I am imagining and counting my favorite cold weather wardrobe pieces!!!!😍

Plaid shirts!!!!! Oh how I love you!!!! Give me your purple your blue your red your green!!!! Give me your lightweight to wear under a cardigan or blazer! Give me your “washed 50 times” beat up, thick and oversized to wear with jeans and boots!!! My collection is growing and I want you ALL!!!! Come home to me plaid shirts!!! Come home!? 😃

Military inspired jackets!!! YES!

Distressed denim!!!! Oh please?😍

Black Vegan leather jackets! LOVE!

Maxi skirts! NOT just for summer….no no. ❤️

Boyfriend cardigans!!!! YUM

Hats!!! And more hats!!! Need I say more?

Blanket scarfs!!!! Tell me you have one, please?😬

Boots!!!!! Oh help me? They truly make the outfit! Boots baby boots😍

Try it yourself? Count your favorite cold weather pieces as you drift into sweet sweet slumber. 💤💤💤imageimage

Happy V Day!

Hi everyone!!!! It has been a minute. Life grabbed me by the neck and had me in a choke hold for a bit. Hey, it happens😬?

I have some fun things to talk about very soon, but today I am inspired to write a quick note of love and appreciation💕

Maybe it’s just me? But today feels like a coffee and pj day? Snuggle up lovelies!!!! With your honey, your fur baby, a good book???? Close your eyes and think about some of your most cherished memories.  Laugh.  Cry.  Just feel what you feel.

Is this random? Absolutely!!!! But it’s my blog, and I will write what I want! 😃

Last piece of advice……. Wear a onesie!!!!! Do it!!!! It’s heaven!

xo, Kim image

what a party!

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you for attending and cheering and being THE most important part of Tuesday nights Insta-Chic virtual Poshmark party!🎉

I must say…..I had an absolute blast!!!! I almost (almost being key) forgot about the excruciating pain from throwing out my back the day before!!! Yes….that happened! No….I was not skiing, or working out, or mountain climbing (as if)😂. No my friends, I put a bowl of rice in the refrigerator!!!!!! What?

Not to worry (are you worried?)….for I got medical help! Yay!!! But NOT until I completed the party!😳😃priorities my friend… Priorities. Poshing comes first! Bam!💥

A HUGE thank you to my beautiful, talented, and insanely fashionable co-hosts! Jen, Sarah, and Amy!❤️

I wanted to share with you a few of my choices that I simply ran out of time and did not make it to the showroom. For those that have co-hosted before, you can empathize that two hours feels like 5 minutes!!! No joke!!! Zip….it’s over 😳…and your fingers are numb.  Like, really really numb!

In no particular order, here are some of the fabulous listings that time sadly stole their rightful place in the host pick showroom 😍   Enjoy these pieces!!!! All are available for purchase on Poshmark and start at only $5!!!!! And up😬

I will list each closet name tomorrow.


Here is a great example (and sneak peek) of a beautiful cover shot of an affordable chic piece! Thank you @believebig for permission to showcase your photo❤️

My personal vision for this skirt? Black tank, cropped jacket, combat boots (or biker), and a super long pendant necklace!!!