Kims quick tip

Dust bags.  How many do you have, just sitting somewhere “collecting dust”?  Well, if you are like me and do not use them for their original purpose (to cover your bags and shoes), I have a few great alternative uses!!!!!😃

My favorite re purpose is for packing. I pack my swimsuits and coverup in one.  Undergarments in another. Tennis shoes and flip flops another. Throw curling iron and hair products (sealed in ziplock bags in yet another. You see the theme😉  It is great because upon arrival to hotel/ship/ resort, I simply put entire dust bags into dresser drawers, leaving tons of closet space. Now, packing to return home, all dirty laundries go in dust bags and get tossed in my laundry room once I am home!👍🏻 Bonus: if airport security does a bag search, no dirty panties or bras will flop out🙀!!!!!

Another great use is for storage of hair accessories. Brushes, pins, hair bands, even extensions if you have them. Pop in bathroom drawer or hang up next to your bathroom mirror.  LV ones look cute😻.  And here’s a great one ladies…. Store your feminine products in one and pop in bathroom drawer!!!! Bam!

I even use a small Kate Spade duster in my carry on.  I keep my long flight refreshers, travel minis, even slippers in it. Slip off to lavatory to get ready for sleep, or in preparation for landing. No need to dig through your entire carry on, just grab dust bag and head on up or down to the lav 👍🏻.

In closing, don’t let your dust bags go to waste my friends!!! Try these tips or use your imagination and find great uses for these great drawstring wonders!!!!

Until next time!😃 Kim.

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