Cruise packing⛴

Many friends and associates are planning spring and summer cruises. The sea excitement is in the salty air!!!!🌞🛳

Lets chat briefly about packing for a cruise.  It does not have to be as overwhelming as you might think.  If you have cruised before, you most likely returned home with over half of your packed clothes untouched? Yes? Been there!

The majority of cruises are Caribbean (warm weather). If you are planning or have already booked one of these, keep in mind a few simple packing tips.

1. A 7 night or less cruise, you only need one checked bag and one carry on

2. Start by pulling everything you think you want to bring and lay on either your guest bedroom bed or your bed. Once you have pulled everything (including jewelry, hats, undergarments, etc) start dividing into category piles. Step back….take a nice long look at your piles.  Ouch, huh? 😳

3. Clear a space and open your large (checked) bag. Uh oh. I KNOW you KNOW this will NOT all fit.

4. Start with packing your MUST have items.  Your favorite shorts and casual pants that go with everything.  Get your undergarments and swimsuits in bag. Your favorite coverup. Cruising is very casual these days. You honestly do not need all of those semi formal outfits. Put them aside. Continue with your must have items. You need flip flops!!! Flat sandals!! The comfortable ones!!!😬 Walking all day everyday on ships my friends. T shirts. Tanks. Shorts. Maxi skirt or two. Stop. Step back.  Now, you will most likely have at least one formal night. This is super fun to get dressed to the nines! I have noticed a decline in how formal people dress on these nights, but I LOVE participating for one of the formal nights. It really is fun, and you get some great pictures!!! So, pack that gown and sky high heels!!!! Bam! Add your jewelry! Bam!

5. After these items are in your large bag, the rest is space optional.  Seriously.  Extra pjs, a cute casual dress, another sarong or coverup…

6. Lightly pack your carry on bag with your cosmetics, sunscreen, sunglasses, book, meds, etc.  Personally I pack one swimsuit and my sarong in my carry on. Just in case😱

You are done!!!! Put everything else away. You are ready and light as a feather!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻But please, please!!!! Do not forget your passport!!!!! You will be sailing right back home without that 😰💔

I invite you to my next post. I will be talking about different cruise lines, how to select a cabin, shore excursions, ways to save, dining, and much more.  I have cruised pretty much every line, and have pros and cons.  It is all about what you are looking for from your cruising experience.

Happy cruising!!! Don’t drink and hang out near the balcony 🍸😱


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