Back to travel!!!

Just call me the lazy blogger, sound good?

Yep!!! Life got ahold of me and kept me in a choke hold for a bit. After that, I got lazy. Then even more lazy. Ah… It is what it is.  I would like to re visit travel packing before moving on to travel itself.

As a former flight attendant, I was forced to create a system and pack so light it’s not even funny! Guess what? I survived!!!! Now, I do not recommend anyone to vacation with one small bag with uniforms and undergarments 😱   Ok, I figured out a way to slip in sleeping clothes and one outfit! Yay!!! But it IS very freeing to travel with less.  And you would be surprised by how much you really just do not need.

How many vacations have you unpacked from once home, and over half your clothes and accessories are clean and went untouched???? I’m guessing a nice big pile?

I will go into specifics on how to lighten your travel load in a later posting. For now, let’s just imagine a trip/vacation with one…yes one… Bag???? Ahhhhh….. I bet you are either in a panic of “NO WAY!”, or thinking “YES!!! Sick of the chaos of stuff being hauled, dragging, draping, stuffing, around!”

Trust me.  Packing and unpacking should not be an added stress to your well deserved leisure travel😃  If you read my first entry, perhaps you have created your travel section in your closet? Or even cleared out a separate closet to dedicate to only travel and vacation items? If so, you are well on your way🌴😎

Ending this entry with a promise to post more often.

More importantly, asking all to pray for Belgium. Stand united against the evil that is terrorism.

Peace and love

kim ✌🏻️


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