Pieces to think about!

Trying to fall asleep.  Am I counting sheep? No I am not. I am imagining and counting my favorite cold weather wardrobe pieces!!!!😍

Plaid shirts!!!!! Oh how I love you!!!! Give me your purple your blue your red your green!!!! Give me your lightweight to wear under a cardigan or blazer! Give me your “washed 50 times” beat up, thick and oversized to wear with jeans and boots!!! My collection is growing and I want you ALL!!!! Come home to me plaid shirts!!! Come home!? 😃

Military inspired jackets!!! YES!

Distressed denim!!!! Oh please?😍

Black Vegan leather jackets! LOVE!

Maxi skirts! NOT just for summer….no no. ❤️

Boyfriend cardigans!!!! YUM

Hats!!! And more hats!!! Need I say more?

Blanket scarfs!!!! Tell me you have one, please?😬

Boots!!!!! Oh help me? They truly make the outfit! Boots baby boots😍

Try it yourself? Count your favorite cold weather pieces as you drift into sweet sweet slumber. 💤💤💤imageimage

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