what a party!

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you for attending and cheering and being THE most important part of Tuesday nights Insta-Chic virtual Poshmark party!🎉

I must say…..I had an absolute blast!!!! I almost (almost being key) forgot about the excruciating pain from throwing out my back the day before!!! Yes….that happened! No….I was not skiing, or working out, or mountain climbing (as if)😂. No my friends, I put a bowl of rice in the refrigerator!!!!!! What?

Not to worry (are you worried?)….for I got medical help! Yay!!! But NOT until I completed the party!😳😃priorities my friend… Priorities. Poshing comes first! Bam!💥

A HUGE thank you to my beautiful, talented, and insanely fashionable co-hosts! Jen, Sarah, and Amy!❤️

I wanted to share with you a few of my choices that I simply ran out of time and did not make it to the showroom. For those that have co-hosted before, you can empathize that two hours feels like 5 minutes!!! No joke!!! Zip….it’s over 😳…and your fingers are numb.  Like, really really numb!

In no particular order, here are some of the fabulous listings that time sadly stole their rightful place in the host pick showroom 😍   Enjoy these pieces!!!! All are available for purchase on Poshmark and start at only $5!!!!! And up😬

I will list each closet name tomorrow.

One thought on “what a party!

  1. Great party as I knew it would be and it continues w/ more great picks here on your blog! Thanks for your dedication to fashion and POSHING and well wishes for your back! 💞😘

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