Tomorrow night!

Yes!!!!! I am super excited to showcase my host picks tomorrow night 1-26 at 10pm EST.

A tiny pity party for my back, that I threw out this morning while putting a bowl of rice in the refrigerator 😳.  This is the first time it has ever happened, so to say I am shocked by how painful it is is an understatement.

Ok. Back to Insta-Chic party talk!!!!😃   I still have spots open, and am prowling through your lovely closets❤️.  I prefer to not be tagged please.  Simply comment under my listing 👍🏻😃.

We are each limited to a certain amount of host picks, so please do not feel sad or disappointed?  My goals are to provide a fabulous variety of items in all size ranges.   Yes.  I am drawn to bags and shoes😍😍😍….I say drooling…..but rest assure, there will be all types of chic listings at all price points for your shopping pleasure!!!!

My sincerest wish is that all of our shoppers find something fabulous to purchase and make their very own❤️.

Thank you #Poshmark for this exhilarating opportunity!!!!!!

Grab that dirty martini and join the fun🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

Cheers and Posh love,

Kim @kimsthings

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