Virtual poshmark party!

beep beep.  We interrupt this blog for an important announcement.  I (@kimsthings on Poshmark) will be co hosting my fourth virtual party on January 26th, 2016 at 10pm EST.

It is my honor to be co hosting with three incredible closets…. @bellanblue @herparallax and @princessamyj.

As of yet, we do not have a theme. But rest assured, we will be curating an epic array of fashion from Posh compliant closets for your showroom shopping pleasure!!!

i will be blogging of the upcoming event over the next few weeks. so please check back.

#Poshmark virtual party fun

❤️ Kim

6 thoughts on “Virtual poshmark party!

  1. You have a THEME NOW FOR YOUR PARTY !!!!!!! 🎉🍾🎀💕💞💕💖🍾🍸😀💞🍺💖I know it will be the bestestest!!!!! LUV YA!!


    1. You rock!!!! I laughed so hard when you told me to throw a sheet on my Christmas tree and put in the corner!!!! Wouldn’t that be a tree ghost???? Yikes! 😳
      The theme is chic fabulous!!!!
      See you Tuesday night!
      Xo Kim


      1. “And with no regrets, Kim turns her back to her tree, exits the front door and saunters up to her private limousine, not wondering, but KNOWING, SHE LOOKS CHIC FABULOUS ! ” 👠


  2. OH-my bad!!! My comment is up there. SORRY!!! That is so me!!! Maybe I NEED a martini and I could think more clearly! ANYWAY INSTA-CHIC ! I LOVE the theme because how many times are we required to instantly look fab and run out the door? It is not that easy!!!! ANYTHING that can take a few steps out of the routine and get you instantly fabulous is SO NEEDED. So- sip on that martini – and if you have time, you can check out my closet @tburg21 AND @cloudlvr4 @sparky01 @katmariefl @carmaldove @exwolfe . Now just push that Christmas tree in the corner or throw a sheet over it for now and POSH SHARE LATER – WHATEVER !!!!! 🙂 🙂


  3. You have a BEAUTIFUL closet, Kim! I love all the sparkle-the SWAROVSKI crystal bracelet may need to be mine 🙂
    I’m looking forward to your event-can’t wait to see even more amazing goodies!-Kat


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