Vacation fashion

imageLet us begin!!! This is my first blog and my very first post. I am NOT a professional blogger or writer, but I am excited to share my thoughts, opinions, and advice with any reader that I might pick up!😃

Going on vacation/holiday? Better get to packing! Are you an over planning (just in case I need it) over packing gal? Or are you a last minute flustered (I forgot bras) throw a few things in the bag and go gal? Maybe your somewhere in between?

Travel is supposed to be fun! It is one of my personal passions. In fact, I will be sharing stories and advice in later posts about destinations and individual pros and cons. Everywhere from the Caribbean to Europe to cruising.

Today I want to share some advice on how to lower the stress of vacation packing, and get you ladies down from sitting on an overstuffed suitcase! I know you!!! I WAS you! Sitting and tugging on the zipper? Yep. I’ve got your number. I say with a grin.

I will end this portion of this topic today (to be continued in next post) with one of my best pieces of advice.

Keep either a separate closet, or a designated part of your closet for travel fashion. Put your luggage directly under or above this section. If you wear something from your travel section, put it back after wash or dry clean. Never. I say never ever mix back in with your other clothes! Don’t do it!

We ALL have those few items that go with us every single time we vacation? THAT hat? Swimsuit? Shoes? Cut off distressed shorts? You get the picture? Start by clearing a closet. Put your luggage and weekend bags in said closet (or section of a closet). Then grab THAT item!!!! Always begin your TC (travel closet) with that must item.

Please check back for my next post as I will go deep into the topic of your TC, and help you create a stress free packing experience for all of your future trips and full blown vacations!

Thank you for joining me!!! Xo Kim (@kimsthings on Poshmark)

4 thoughts on “Vacation fashion

    1. Hi Karen! Indeed… Shoes are complicated. I line them up and stare at them for 5 minutes. At the end of my staring, the pair that gets the least of my eye time go back in the closet! 😃 You save precious space by packing small items IN your shoes. Yay!


  1. Cool post. I was smiling throughout. I’m all of the above. Last minute, over doing it packer. I have that travel suitcase that kinda stay pack but I still overdo. Lol. Let me know when you post more advice.


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